Sponsors Mount Kilimanjaro Climber Ian Hopkins

As Ian Hopkins approaches his 60th birthday, he isn’t planning a typical celebration.

Instead, he's embarking on a journey to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, driven by a desire to challenge himself and give back to a cause deeply personal to him—children’s cancer research charity Children with Cancer UK.

Sponsored by, Ian’s climb is more than a physical challenge, it is a tribute to his life’s passion for fitness and dedication to helping vulnerable children.


Ian’s Inspiration

Turning 60 is a milestone, and for Ian, it's an opportunity to fulfil a lifelong dream.

"I’m 60 this year, and I will summit just before my birthday. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do

Originally, the climb was meant to be a purely personal challenge, funded entirely out of his pocket. However, Ian saw a chance to transform his adventure into a fundraiser for a children's cancer charity—a cause that resonates with his career in children’s social care.


Choosing the Cause

Ian’s decision to support a children's cancer charity was influenced by his professional life. Working in children's social care, he has seen firsthand the impact of illness on young lives. "I work with vulnerable children, and this charity spoke to me in particular" he explains, highlighting his desire to make a meaningful contribution to a smaller charity where it can have the greatest impact.


Preparation for the Climb

Ian’s preparation for Kilimanjaro involves both a disciplined, 6-days-a-week gym routine and specific outdoor training activities to ensure he’s ready for the physical and mental challenges of the climb.

Starting his preparation with a structured training weekend organized by the British Expedition Company—the group he’ll be climbing with—set a solid foundation. This event, held in Monmouth, brought together 60 participants who will join him on the climb. They spent the weekend walking through the challenging Monmouth hills, providing an excellent simulation of the rigorous trekking expected on Kilimanjaro.

Beyond these initial steps, Ian’s training schedule includes progressively challenging hikes across the UK. In May, he will tackle the Yorkshire Three Peaks within 12 hours, a demanding trek that involves scaling three of the highest peaks in Yorkshire. In June, Ian will take on an even more daunting challenge, completing the National Three Peaks—climbing Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon, the highest mountains in Scotland, England, and Wales respectively, all within 24 hours.’s Sponsorship of Ian

The directors at, who know Ian from their local gym, were inspired by his commitment to both his physical challenges and his charitable goals. Ian’s effort aligns with’s broader mission to empower individuals and support significant community initiatives. We look forward to seeing the photos of Ian at the summit of Kilimanjaro!

How to Get Involved

Supporting Ian in his monumental climb couldn’t be easier. Ian has set up a JustGiving page, making it straightforward for anyone inspired by his story to contribute directly to the children's cancer charity he is supporting. Every donation will help provide crucial funds for research and support services aimed at combating children's cancer.

Support Ian Today

To make a contribution, visit Ian's JustGiving page here. Your support not only aids a vital cause but also fuels Ian's determination as he tackles the challenging ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro. and Ian Hopkins appreciate every contribution, large or small, and believe that together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of children facing cancer. Join us in supporting Ian's journey to the summit and his fight against childhood cancer.

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