Takes the Wheel: Sponsoring Free Taxi Rides Across the North West

In a generous move aimed at giving back to the community, has launched an innovative initiative across the North West, sponsoring a fleet of taxis to offer free rides to locals. This campaign not only alleviates transportation costs for residents but also promotes accessibility and community support.

Riding Towards Community Support

Understanding the pivotal role transportation plays in daily life, has partnered with local taxi companies to make commuting easier and more affordable. Ben Snape, Director at stated:

"We recognise the challenges that our community faces, especially in accessing reliable transportation.

By providing free rides, we aim to help individuals get to work, important appointments, and social engagements without the burden of travel costs."

The sponsored taxis are easily recognisable, adorned with’s branding, and operate in several key areas throughout the North West, including major cities neighbouring villages. The initiative is not only a positive for regular commuters but also aids those who might be transportation disadvantaged, such as the elderly and students.



Future Plans and Sustainability is committed to sustaining this initiative for the foreseeable future, with plans to expand the number of taxis and perhaps introduce additional routes based on community feedback and demand. "Our goal is to make this a staple service that locals can rely on, not just a temporary relief" affirmed Ben Snape.’s free taxi ride campaign is a prime example of how companies can play a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life in their communities. It is a reflection of the company's broader mission to engage actively and positively with the public, providing services that go beyond their core business operations.


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