Courts Success - Sponsoring a Promising Philippine Basketball Team

In a move that highlights its commitment to global community support and sports development, has announced its latest venture into sports sponsorship. The UK-based legal referral service is now the proud sponsor of one of the Philippines' most promising basketball teams, ReoSeven, marking a significant step in sports and cultural collaboration. The team are the current the Open league Basketball Cup champions.

Expanding Horizons Through Sports

The sponsorship by is part of its broader strategy to engage with diverse communities and promote positive values through sports. Basketball, being one of the most popular sports in the Philippines, offers a perfect platform for this initiative. Ben Snape, Director at stated:

"Our decision to sponsor a Philippine basketball team aligns with our mission to empower and uplift communities. We believe in the power of sports as a tool for positive social impact."


Team and Expectations

The team, which competes in one of the country’s top leagues, is known for its young and dynamic team that has consistently shown potential in national competitions. With's sponsorship, the team is set to enhance its training programs, upgrade its sporting facilities, and hopefully compete at higher levels. The team’s coach expressed excitement about the new partnership, noting, "'s support will not only boost our performance but also inspire our community."'s involvement goes beyond mere financial assistance; it includes community outreach programs such as youth clinics, providing clothing, and basketball camps led by team players. These programs aim to nurture young talent and promote healthy living through sports. "We are excited to use this opportunity to bridge cultures and create a lasting impact" added Ben Snape.


Looking Forward

As continues to expand its presence internationally, its support for the Philippine basketball team is just the beginning of what promises to be a deep and impactful engagement with sports and community development. The company looks forward to a season of thrilling games and hopes to contribute significantly to the growth of basketball in the Philippines.

With this sponsorship, reaffirms its commitment to making a difference in various communities, reinforcing the idea that good corporate social responsibility can and should be a part of a company's brand identity. Stay tuned to and support the team as they aim for victory in the upcoming season!


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